In India, the Union ministry of non-conventional energy sources is pursuing various R&D projects to harness the geothermal energy available. About 340 hot springs have been identified in the

SEDUCED by Western biases, archaeologists and historians have neglected the rich seafaring tradition of maritime communities in the Indian Ocean area. The sciences of boat-making and navigation were

THE MADAGASCAR pochard, a duck species thought extinct 22 years ago, has been resurrected with the recent finding of a lone male in the island nation in the Indian Ocean. The duck was nabbed by a

In the past decade there has been extensive research into tropical intraseasonal variability, one of the major components of the low frequency variability of the general atmospheric circulation. This paper briefly reviews the state-of-the-art in this research area: the nature of the Madden-Julian Oscillation, its relation to monsoonal and extratropical circulations, and the current theoretical understandings.

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The study of climate and climate change is hindered by a lack of information on the effect of clouds on the radiation balance of the earth, referred to as the cloud-radiative forcing. Quantitative estimates of the global distributions of cloud-radiative forcing have been obtained from the spaceborne Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) launched in

Significant advances have been made in tsunami detection and forecasting since the Great Indian Ocean (Sumatra) Tsunami of 2004. Watch this video. Courtesy: NOAA Centre for Tsunami Research

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Pollution from Africa and Indonesia reaches Indian Ocean region in monsoon transition periods

Forget health impacts, tiny particles floating in the air are altering regional climates and affecting monsoon patterns and agricultural yield. These particles could be emanating from diesel and industrial emissions, biomass burning for cooking, forest fi

The threats from aerosols are all pervading