The El Ni o of 1997 affected sea surface temperatures over the Indian Ocean

Measurements and models show that enhanced aerosol concentrations can augment cloud albedo not only by increasing total droplet cross-sectional area, but also by reducing precipitation and thereby increasing cloud water content and cloud coverage. Aerosol pollution is expected to exert a net cooling influence on the global climate through these conventional mechanisms. Here, we demonstrate an opposite mechanism through which aerosols can reduce

Corals are to the oceans what tropical rainforests are to land. Known as Neptune s goblets, they are a vital link in the marine ecosystem and, in fact, store more biodiversity than the rainforests. But human activity is gobbling them up. And global warmi

Global warming is responsible for coral bleaching, say experts. And if climate change goes unchecked death of corals could mean the death knell for many marine species

Will corals that have survived Nature s occasional acts of destruction through the centuries survive 50 years of human pressure?

A continent rose thrice above the Indian Ocean, only to disappear beneath the waves each time

The Indian Ocean is the only place where fish availability has not reduced, unlike all other oceans, which have seen a massive depletion of stocks due to vacuum fishing practices involving factory

THE big brothers are knocking at the doors of the Indian Meteorological Department. us and China have requested India to help them study the weather phenomena over the Indian Ocean and

Effects similar to those of El Nino have been observed in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans

Geothermal power is sparkling clean