Pollution has reduced rainfall in south Asia

The uk High Court recently ruled in favour of a group of Indian Ocean islanders who were forcibly removed to make way for a us airbase decades ago. The Ilois or Chagossians are inhabitants of

Hunter gatherers of Great Nicobar yield evolutionary clues

Sea level changes can be of two types: (i) changes in the mean sea level and (ii) changes in the extreme sea level. The former is a global phenomenon while the
latter is a regional phenomenon. Estimates of mean sea level rise made from past tide gauge data at selected stations along the coast of India indicate a rise of
slightly less than 1 mm/year; however these estimates need to be corrected by including the rates of vertical land movements, whose measurements are not available

• A group of 60 on horsebacks who call themselves The Nomads have undertaken a tour of the world to promote organic farming and complete respect for the environment.

• A new reality television series is teaching Britain's "most wasteful families' how to live simpler, greener lives. Each week, the BBC's, No waste like home looks over a different family's house. It then suggests techniques for cutting down on their ecological footprints.

The southwest monsoon current in the form of a crossequatorial
low level jetstream (LLJ) with its core at an altitude of about 1.5 km and core wind speeds of 80

Tropical cyclones—variously defined as hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones—regularly impact human populations and periodically produce devastating weather-related natural disasters. The epidemiology of tropical cyclones is fundamentally determined by the physical forces of massive cyclonic systems intersecting with patterns of human behavior. The destructive forces of cyclonic winds, inundating rains, and storm surge are frequently accompanied by floods, tornadoes, and landslides.

South Asian emissions of fossil fuel SO2 and black carbon increased

South Asian emissions of fossil fuel SO2 and black carbon increased