Acknowledging the need for the government to have a systemic engagement on social media, Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), R. Chandrashekhar, said the Department had prepared the draft of a social media framework.

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) including internet and mobile based communications are increasingly becoming pervasive and integral to day-to-day functioning of our lives- whether personal or official.

How much energy is required to power the ever-expanding online world? What percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions is attributable to the IT sector? This report takes a look at the energy choices some of the largest and fastest growing IT companies are making, as the race to build "the cloud" creates a new era of technology.

Microsoft India has partnered with government in delivering many successful e-governance initiatives. It has played a key role in the areas of education through the Siksha initiative by enhancing IT skills of the teachers. Ranbir Singh, group director, public sector, Microsoft India, in an interview with Samir Sachdeva mentions the areas where Microsoft has partnered with various government agencies for the betterment of society.

The low cost tablet Aakash was promised to students as a device that would significantly improve the quality of education. But the feedback from the pilot seems to suggest that it is a grand dream fast going sour.

The objective of this study was to investigate the use of novel surveillance tools in a malaria endemic region where prevalence information is limited. Specifically, online reporting for participatory epidemiology was used to gather information about malaria spread directly from the public. Individuals in India were incentivized to self-report their recent experience with malaria by micro-monetary payments.

The Common Service Centre scheme aims to establish nearly three lakh rural internet kiosks across India. A recent evaluation study, however, found poor demand among users and delayed roll-out of government-to-consumer services, causing losses and attrition among private operators of the scheme. There is space, therefore, for greater engineering of public good outcomes by tying financial incentives to computer education goals.

The Bangalore-based Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PDADMAS) has developed a Web-based interactive software to predict livestock diseases two months in advance in

Real-time monitoring by technological tools, such as smart meters and sensors, can help big cities save up to Rs 27 lakh a day and at least 15 per cent of water that's lost owing to leakages and pi

he ICT sector, one of the biggest guzzlers of energy and commercial space in India, has a huge role to play in helping India meet the goals of climate change, says a new report.