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In 2005, muralidhar patel, a young farmer in Shirsoli village in Maharashtra

This paper is a synthesis of in-depth case studies of four individual farmers selected from Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, an important cotton growing state accounting for about 33 per cent of India's total cotton area during 2005-06.

frequent, uncontrolled fires are threatening the Gautala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra's Aurangabad and Jalgaon districts. About 40 incidents of fire have been reported from the 260 sq

maharashtra has set up a committee to look into the growing prevalence of sickle cell anaemia in the state and prepare a plan to check the spread of the disease. The move comes in the wake of a

The study conducted in Jalgaon and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra showed two differing scenarios insofar as the impact of milk cooperatives on production and marketed surplus is concerned. While milk cooperatives had positive and significant impact on both production and marketed surplus of milk in Kolhapur district, such impact could not be ascertained in Jalgaon district.

A training project of Cotton & Allied Products Research Foundation of Cotton Association of India has enabled over 800 farmers to raise crop yield by 15 per cent and cut production cost by 20 per cent, Executive Director O P Agarwal told NewsWire18 today. He said the recently concluded 2007-08 farm training and development project at Chopda taluka in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra benefited 802 farmers through frontline demonstrations covering 1,029 acres.