Water is important for economic development, and many parts of India already face issues of water scarcity. This study predicts that intensity of rainfall will increase under climate change. Issues such as water scarcity may also become more prevalent.

Andhra Pradesh is in a hurry to complete 16 irrigation projects on the Krishna in an attempt to turn a clause in the Tribunal Award in its favour.

Faced with a barrage of criticism from the Opposition that it has failed to stop Andhra Pradesh from going ahead with the construction of "unauthorised" irrigation projects in the Krishna and Godav

But the Maharashtra government still wants to divert surplus water to dry areas

When Baskaran, a fisherman in Nochikuppam, Chennai, is asked what the fisherfolk normally eat for breakfast

Mention Chennai and the first thing people want to know about is the availability of water, besides the heat of course.

The Krishna river waters have changed course. They are suddenly flowing in the reverse direction, from the lower riparian state of Karnataka to Maharashtra which is an upper riparian state. But the

River waters are contested ground. What is needed is an equity based agenda

In the present study, the temporal patterns of monsoon floods on five large rivers of the Deccan Peninsula have been investigated. Analyses of the long-term annual maximum discharge/state data, available for the last 100 years or so, show non-random behaviour in terms of distinct periods of high and low floods.

The Alamatti dispute between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh joins the ranks of the nation s major wrangles over river waters