Participants at a recent conference conference on man, animal and environment discuss ways to solve the problem of overgrazing

A prize-winning invention by Orian Brunavs, a student of the Townsendl High School in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, could help breed chickens aided by the sun's heat. This innovative application of

Increasing livestock in the Asian countries could result In lower foodgrain production

Scientific fodder comes of age in today"s era of specialisation and optimum use

US-based Megainin Pharmaceuticals Inc researchers have found a natural antibiotic in the tongue of the cow which may explain how injuries caused to the animal's tongue remain infection-free and heal

Farmers and livestock owners are herding in a fortune as the animal sciences go into overdrive and squeeze out maximum yields

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Krishi Bhawan New Delhi 110 001 Bharatiya Cattle Resource Development Foundation F-58, Kalkaji New Delhi 110 019 National Dairy Research

"The future of human civilisation could depend on our ability to defend and make sustainable use of biological diversity," he adds. FAO recently published a document on the current threats to the world's biodiversity. Highlights from the report:

Livestock farmers and environmentalists in the Netherlands are clashing over the number of pigs that can be reared

EVEN AS the midwestern states in USA are awash with flood waters, farmers in the southeast are contending with a severe drought and face agricultural losses that have already hit $800 million in the