A New York federal court has dismissed all claims by Indian plaintiffs against Union Carbide Corp.

Over hundred survivors of Bhopal gas tragedy staged a protest on Wednesday to protest the inclusion of Dow Chemicals as a sponsor of the London Olympics.

Victims and survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy staged a “die-in” protest here on Wednesday to “remind the organisers” of the Olympic Games in London that they have exactly one month to drop Dow Chemical as a sponsor of the event.

Dow Chemical, through its takeover of Union Carbide, has inherited its civil, criminal and environmental liabilities in [the] Bhopal gas leak [case], but the corporation refuses to accept them. The people in Bhopal are still dying, over a hundred thousand survivors are battling chronic illnesses, and children are still being born with horrific deformities because of Dow Chemical’s refusal to own up to Union Carbide’s liabilities in Bhopal,”

AHMEDABAD: The recent price rise may be pinching your pockets, but for the price conscious Amdavadi here is some good news. The city has been rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as 19th in the world, in terms of economic strength.

Apart from this, the only other Indian city ranked in the same sub-category is Bangalore at 16th. Of the 20 cities listed by EIU under the category of economic strength, 15 cities belong to Asia, while Ahmedabad and Bangalore are the only two Indian cities.

Street-level concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) exceed public health standards in many cities, causing increased mortality and morbidity. Concentrations can be reduced by controlling emissions, increasing dispersion, or increasing deposition rates, but little attention has been paid to the latter as a pollution control method. Both NO2 and PM are deposited onto surfaces at rates that vary according to the nature of the surface; deposition rates to vegetation are much higher than those to hard, built surfaces.

Way To Oversee Progress Of Tumours Without The Need For Surgery Or Scans Developed

The Government will face a fresh hearing in the Court of Appeal tomorrow (May 30) over claims it has failed to bring illegal air pollution levels under control.

British MPs address letter to Manmohan, Jayalalithaa

Move ensures uninterrupted urea supply to Indian market Govt not to drag Gulf nation to International Tribunal

The government has accepted the proposal seeking hike in prices of gas supplied by Oman to an Indian fertiliser plant in the Gulf nation to $1.5 per mmBtu for this year, a move that will ensure uninterrupted supply of urea to the Indian market.

New Method Promises An Alternative Treatment With Fewer Side-Effects. Scientists claim to have come up with a unique way to treat prostate cancer — by using sound waves to blast tumour cells.