Planetary scientists claim to have discovered evidence that the earliest rocks in the solar system were fragile and akin to candy floss rather than the hard rock as people know today.

An international team, which included Curtin University, Imperial College London and Liverpool University, has provided the first geological evidence to support theories about how the earliest rocks were formed.

Breakthrough Made By Tweaking Stem Cells; May End Organ Shortage For Transplants
London: Scientists claim to have grown kidneys in a laboratory by manipulating stem cells, a major breakthrough which could help tackle the shortage of organs for transplant.

A team at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland has actually used stem cells, which are the building blocks of the body, to form the s

London: In a cramped London laboratory filledwithtesttubes,bacteria and mosquitoes, scientists are trying to engineer a new weapon in the battle against malaria: a mutant fungus.

For years, Angray Kang at Westminster University and colleagues
have been testing whether they could genetically tweak a fungus to kill the malaria parasite carried by mosquitoes.

Recent evidence has demonstrated that substantial changes in cycling levels can be achieved in the UK, with the potential for increasing cycling being greatest in the city regions. This report explores the potential impact of a step change in the delivery of interventions to support and promote cycling in the English city regions outside of London.

London: A petrol pump near your home could raise your cancer risk, a new study has warned.

London: Fed up with traffic jams? Here

New Delhi: Kamal Nath, who took charge as the urban development minister on Thursday, has big plans for Delhi Metro, making it bigger than London

Kamal Nath, who today took over as the urban development minister with an ambitious plan of giving a boost to urban transportation, intends to expand the Delhi Metro network to make it bigger than its London counterpart by 2017.

London began spraying its roads with a dust suppressant on Friday to tackle its high air pollution levels.

The capital is close to breaching European Union legal limits for particulate matter (PM10), a pollutant produced mainly by engine emissions along with tire and brake wear.

London Mayor Boris Johnson hopes a six-month trial of the dust suppressant, designed to stop vehicle emissions re-

London: Ever wondered how one person could save the planet from the effects of climate change?