Bhopal: Bhopal gas tragedy survivors on Thursday marched with a jhadu (broom) at the opening ceremony of the ‘Bhopal Special Olympics’ organised to protest Dow Chemicals sponsorship of the London O

Tandridge District Council has become the first local authority to commit to a framework that aims to save council waste departments collective costs of up to £85m.

Five organisations of the survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster have planned to jointly organise ‘Bhopal Special Olympics’ on July 26, a day ahead of the London Olympics, in protest against the spon

Physical inactivity accounts for more than 3 million deaths per year, most from non-communicable diseases in low-income and middle-income countries. We used reviews of physical activity interventions and a simulation model to examine how megatrends in information and communication technology and transportation directly and indirectly affect levels of physical activity across countries of low, middle, and high income.

Activists protesting against the company's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic have targeted London and Edinburgh

Olympic runners, cyclists, swimmers and even sailors arriving in London on Monday could be taken ill or see their performances impaired by air pollution, health experts have warned.

The risk of flooding for many English homes and businesses could increase fourfold by 2035 if more action to deal with the impact of climate change is not taken, government advisers said on Wednesd

Unseasonably wet and windy weather led to low air pollution during June.

Major cause of slowdown was drop in investment, which slumped to (-)1.9%, y-o-y during latest 3 quarters from 2010 double-digit levels

India's economic troubles are mostly self-inflicted, resulting from policy paralysis and opposition to reforms - a situation that is unlikely to change before the general elections in 2014, says a report. "That (situation) is unlikely to change until the 2014 general elections at the earliest," said the report - Emerging Asia Economics Update - What's Gone Wrong in India? - by Capital Economics, a global macro-economic research consultancy.

Waste policy needs to modernise the terminology it uses as it is still "caught up in the old language of disposal", leading waste contractor SITA UK has claimed.