Green Growth Index is a composite index measuring a country’s performance in achieving sustainability targets including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Paris Climate Agreement, and Aichi Biodiversity Targets for four green growth dimensions – efficient and sustainable resource use, natural capital protection, green economic opportunities,

In 2006, Uganda’s hopes of developing an oil industry were boosted by the confirmation of “commercially recoverable” quantities of oil in the Albertine Basin. By 2013, three international oil companies were lined up to develop the oil fields with first oil expected in 2018.

This report explores green bonds and other finance instruments for climate-resilient infrastructure and investment opportunities that can support the Philippines in achieving a low carbon economy.

Ethiopia’s commitment to low-carbon climate-resilient development has been hailed by the international community. And rightly so: despite negligible contributions to global emissions, the country’s rapid development over the last decade has not compromised on protecting its citizens and environment from the impacts of climate change.

This paper tries to establish the interrelation between the energy sector and the net zero emission goal, focusing on India’s pathways to a low carbon future.

This technical note presents an assessment framework for designing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) recovery interventions that are geared toward accelerating climate and disaster resilience and low-carbon development.

This working paper draws on the latest economic research to demonstrate how climate policy and investments in low-carbon infrastructure can reboot America’s economy and set it up for long-term success.

This paper examines the interaction between macro-financial and climate-related risks. It brings together different strands of the literature on climate-related risks and how these relate to macro-financial management and risks.

Countries seeking to scale up renewables can draw on the bond market, including the growing range of securities dedicated to sustainable, environmentally beneficial, climate-safe project finance. Renewable energy has emerged as a major recipient of such green bond proceeds.

The Government of Costa Rica has become the 14th country to submit its long-term strategy for low-emission development (LTS) to the UNFCCC Secretariat.