A cheap and widely available drug could save the lives of one in three of the 100,000 new mothers who bleed to death after childbirth every year, mostly in poorer countries, according to the first

Financing Global Health 2016 is the eighth edition of IHME’s annual series on global health spending and health financing.

At the hospital, they are held behind a gate, these mothers with infants in their arms. They've been here for months.

Kenya and the World Bank will partner to roll out a project to improve maternal, child and adolescent health, Kenyan officials said on Thursday.

The Greater Accra Region records more maternal deaths than any other region in the country, with bleeding and hypertension being the leading causes, the Ghana Health (GHS), has said.

Millions of Kenyan women and children dependent on health care funded by a UN agency face a bleak future.

THE Ministry of Health and the Zambia Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) Alliance have launched a case study report dubbed ‘Investment case in Zambia’s future’ to advocate for increased res

This study found significant global decreases in all-cause child and adolescent mortality from 1990 to 2015, but with increasing global inequality. In countries with a low Socio-demographic Index (SDI), mortality is the primary driver of health loss in children and adolescents, largely owing to infectious, nutritional, maternal, and neonatal causes, while nonfatal health loss prevails in locations with a higher SDI.

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As health experts stare down a looming health care worker shortage and try to find solutions, African nations say they are especially worried in the face of possible U.S.

A drug given to pregnant women to combat malaria also offers protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and boosting doses of the 'double protection' treatment cuts the risk of infa