Expansion in India's health insurance coverage, particularly the government schemes, has helped improve various health indicators as more people seek treatment and medical services.

BEIJING - The average life expectancy for Chinese will reach 77 years by 2020, one year more than the figure in 2015, the health authority announced Friday.

Zika virus (ZIKV) can cross the placental barrier, resulting in infection of the fetal brain and neurological defects including microcephaly. The cellular tropism of ZIKV and the identity of attachment factors used by the virus to gain access to key cell types involved in pathogenesis are under intense investigation. Initial studies suggested that ZIKV preferentially targets neural progenitor cells (NPCs), providing an explanation for the developmental phenotypes observed in some pregnancies.

Delivery at a health facility improves the odds of a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. If quality care is not provided, those odds diminish.

Kampala — Road accidents, HIV/Aids and maternal and newborn-related diseases top the list of causes for premature deaths among people in eastern Uganda, before reaching the country life expectancy

India has recorded the highest number of deaths of children under the age of five in 2015, according to a latest Lancet study which also said that the country performed poorly in terms of tuberculo

A global study on a range of health indicators released on Thursday has ranked India 143rdamong 188 countries, citing various challenges, including mortality rates, malaria, hygiene and air polluti

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - World leaders need to ramp up investment to achieve a set of global goals agreed a year ago to combat poverty, inequality, and make the world a safer place by

About one quarter of babies worldwide still delivered in the absence of skilled birth attendant’

Each year, about 210 million women become pregnant and about 140 million newborn babies are delivered. The sheer scale of maternal health issues makes maternal well being and survival vital concerns. A decade after The Lancet published a Series on maternal survival, a new Series of six papers brings our knowledge of maternal health, its epidemiology, successes, and current failings together, and at a crucial time within the sustainable development framework to 2030.