Washington: Scientists have developed a novel patch with tiny, biodegradable needles that can penetrate the skin and accurately diagnose tuberculosis.

Kochi: Kerala health department and Pollution Control Board (PCB) have just started taking measures to minimize the use of mercury and eventually stop using instruments based on it like thermometer

Pune: A mobile-based application can now be used as a tool to monitor malaria prevalence in the community.

Protection against H1N1 and H5N1 in mice and ferrets is expected to last for three to six months.Precious time lost in developing an effective vaccine against influenza A viruses that jump from ani

The Delhi Cabinet on Monday approved the installation of 120 dialysis machines in six Delhi government hospitals aimed at providing free treatment to economically weaker sections of society.

World Health Statistics 2013 contains WHO’s annual compilation of health-related data for its 194 Member States, and includes a summary of the progress made towards achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and associated targets.

He reported to a Gurgaon hospital with quadriplegia, progressively losing power in all four limbs, within a span of two weeks.

Your Antibiotic is Sick: Bacteria are defying the most powerful medicines of all time. Is India ready for a world without antibiotics?

In a breakthrough, a two-year-old baby girl in the US born with HIV has been "functionally cured" for the first time, scientists have said.

The blood banks in city will soon have an advanced testing mechanism that helps in faster detection of infectious diseases, which can be transmitted through blood transfusion.