Open access policy of the department of biotechnology (DBT) and department of science and technology (DST) has been finally approved and released with specific guidelines for the funded researchers and institutions. The policy assumes significance as the researchers and others will now have access to the DBT and DST funded projects.

The `peanut safe syringe' will be available in the commercial market, four years after it was invented.

Canada has offered to collaborate with the government on its ambitious project to clean up the Ganga, Union minister Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday.

Urges people not to be swayed by “unscientific prejudices”

Underscoring food security, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday favoured genetically modified crops, urging the people not to be swayed by “unscientific prejudices.”

ISLAMABAD - Annual rate of deforestation in Pakistan ranges from 4-6 per cent, while carbon dioxide emissions are increasing annually at the rate of 8-10 per cent which is an alarming trend.

With an aim of avoiding a repeat of the 2004 catastrophe, India is building a tsunami early warning system in the South China Sea, which is likely to be operational in the next 10 months.

Scientists are working to develop new generation toilets which will improve the overall situation of sanitation while travelling in trains and otherwise.

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under the ministry of science and technology (MoST) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with India's Biotechnology Industry Research

The mean annual temperature in the Himalayan region is likely to rise by up to two degrees by 2030 while the rainfall would also rise by five to 13 per cent in the next two decades, said a study pr

सावन की रिमझिम में सुहानी बयार के झोंकों की मस्ती में संभव है कि आप गुजरे जमाने का कोई रोमांटिक गीत गुनगुनाने लग जाएं, लेकिन यकीन मानिए, राजधानी की हवा में खतरनाक जहर घुला हुआ है। इसकी वजह से गंभीर