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Aid workers have warned of an impending humanitarian crisis in the flood-affected areas of Mozambique. After weeks of flooding from torrential

Once upon a time, the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was a healthy green forest filled with wildlife, and enjoyed the distinction of being the country's most biologically-diverse park. But

Access to land for biofuel cultivation is often negotiated with rural communities. Ensuring that sufficient consultation and discussion are carried out and that agreements are respected is a big challenge. This case study from Mozambique illustrates some of the difficulties.

Mozambique has become the fifteenth African nation to grant fishing rights to the European Union (EU). Under the pact, European vessels will be allowed to catch tuna and shrimp off the country's

The AIDS epidemic shows no sign of abating with five million new cases reported in 2001

Some local communities in Mozam

THE Gorongosa is being suffocated Slowly. Illegal mahogany-felling operations in and around this timber-rich national park of Mozambique is threatening to devastate the region's fragile