This paper shows that attenuation formula for peak ground acceleration (PGA) for Chile subduction zone, derived from a homogeneous database for thrust interplate and inslab of intermediate depth earthquakes recorded on ‘hard rock’ and ‘rock and hard soil’, give systematically higher values than universal formulas proposed for subduction zones. Also PGA Chilean values are higher than values for Mexico and Cascadia subduction zone values.

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Extreme climate events such as aridity, drought, flood, cyclone and stormy rainfall are expected to leave an impact on human society. They are also expected to generate widespread response to adapt and mitigate the sufferings associated with these extremes.

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Bt maize can stunt the growth of caterpillars

W hales and dolphins of St Lucia island are being killed in large numbers, according to the International Whaling Com

More revelations about how Africans are being used as guinea pigs for unethical drug tests

A hybrid vehicle has been introduced for the first time in Central America by Toyota Purdy Motor, an automobile company. The car, Toyota Prius, is powered by two engines, one electrical and one

Vehicle emissions are the most important source of air pollution in Latin American cities. Each year air pollution is causing thousands of premature deaths. There

About 11 per cent of all known bird species are threatened with extinction, according to the World Resources Institute. Fragmentation or loss of habitat is mainly responsible for this decline, but

Annual emissions of anthropogenic Hg to the atmosphere in different regions of the world during the last decade show an interesting dichotomy: the emissions in the developed countries increased at the rate of about 4.5–5.5% yr−1 up to 1989 and have since remained nearly constant, while in developing countries the emissions continue to rise steadily at the rate of 2.7–4.5% yr−1. On a global basis, however, the total anthropogenic emissions of Hg increased by about 4% yr−1 during the 1980s, peaked in 1989 at about 2290 t and are currently decreasing at the rate of about 1.3% yr−1.

Anthropologists at the Nevada State Museum, US, recently unearthed the oldest known mummy in North America, and they found it right on their own shelvest The mummy, known as the Spirit Cave man,