Very soon, you will able to charge mobile and laptop on the move, thanks to a handy device being developed as the world’s first integrated solar storage tile.

In the three-day conference organised by the University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Panjab University, various guests and delegates presented their work in the field of nano

Kerala will have 450 functional e-toilets by the end of this fiscal, becoming the first state in India with Connected Toilet Infrastructure which would be on a par with health and hygiene standards of developed countries.

An e-toilet has an automated door opening, power flushing, automatic closet washing and sterilisation and automatic platform-cleaning mechanism -- all backed by SMS alerts to inform a control room about the status of water tank and biogas plant in the event of any errors or failures.

An Indian-origin researcher-led team in Singapore claims to have exploited nanostructure technology to make a highly efficient and yet cheaper silicon solar cell.

Washington: Electricity from the nose? Well, it may appear weird, but engineers claim they are working on a technique which would generate power from human respiration.

Manufactured nanomaterials (MNs) are commonly considered to be commercial products possessing at least one dimension in the size range of 10−9 m to 10−7 m.

In this paper we describe a strategy for sustained release of nitrogen into the soil. Specifically, ureamodified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles were encapsulated under pressure into cavities of the soft wood of Gliricidia sepium.

COIMBATORE: Application of science and technology in the form of hybrids to transgenics has led to the country being transformed from a

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
of the National Institutes of Health, USA, ‘Homeopathy is a controversial
area of alternative medicine involving highly diluted preparations and its con-
cepts are not consistent with well-known laws of science.’

A Parliamentary panel review of cement industry has instructed Dept. of Industrial Policy to direct all plants to comply with emission standards and suggested cement manufacturers to comply with corporate responsibility for environment protection.