The global fish catch now appears to have reached the upper limits of sustainability. More than one billion

John Heyning and James Mead from the American National Museum of Natural History in Washington, US, have analysed the eating habits of whales. They found that the female beaked whales or Ziphiidae

Dieting anxiety could reduce memory instead of calories

A commonly consumed oilseed northeastern India - Perii.- frutescens or Hanshi - has bee- found to reduce blood cholestero i, Researchers at the Hyderabad- basec National Institute of

A new kind of fibre rich yoghurt not only tickles the gourmet palates, but also promises boosts to healthcare

There is hope yet for the malnourisheQ adults in Somalia, ~o had previ- ously been written off as doomed to die by the international aid agencies, who focussed all their atten- tion on the children.

With severe malnutrition threatening 68 per cent of all its children under 5 years, Bangladesh has been provided with a World Bank (WB) credit of US $59.8 million to improve nutrition. The fund will

The tabour of love for a courting male cricket often involves providing his mate with ample dinner - a large blob of a gelatinous substance known as spermatophylax. Besides its high nutritional

Good news for fat-conscious people. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia have developed a fast and inexpensive technology -- the supercritical fluid technology -- for

How what you tuck into can pull you back from the brink of death