How what you tuck into can pull you back from the brink of death

In America today, the revolutionary question is not how to get food to eat -- it"s what and how much

A WHO study notes that While India has achieved impressive levels in food production, equitable distribution is still a distant dream. Chronic hunger still persists, but severe,nutrition related diseases have almost disappeared.

Diseases caused by severe malnutrition have been virtually eliminated.

Crops grown in micronutrientdeficient soils can lead to various types of illnesses.

A noon meal food supplement consisting of a blue green algae was provided to schoolchildren on a trial basis in Pudukottai district, with dramatic results in terms of weight gain and resistance to ailments.

A report by Centre for Science and Environment revealed that not just pizzas and burger, even the potato chips getting sold in the market by famous brands are harmful to you as well

सेंटर फॉर साइंस एंड एन्वायर्नमेंट की ताजा रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक भारत में बिक रहे ज्यादातर जंक फूड - जैसे चिप्स, पिज्जा, बर्गर, फ्राइज में तय मात्रा से ज्यादा नमक, फैट है। इसी पर एक चर्चा

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