This paper compares the experiences of India and Vietnam in dietary diversity and undernourishment from the early 1990s to the middle of the first decade of the new millennium. Feb 23-29, 2008

human population groups come in different heights. In India and China, people are usually short. In Canada, they are relatively taller. One school of biologists says this is due to varying food

The third report of the National Family Health Survey was carried out during 2005-2006 and provides information on the population, health and nutrition in all 29 states. A total of 199,000 men and women were interviewed to collect data. The International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, carried out the survey with technical assistance from Macro International of the US. The Government of India, US Agency for International Development, Department for International Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF and the UN Population Fund provided the funds.

Eating at home isn't the in thing anymore. Hanging out is hip, especially in the mushrooming fast food joints that blister the skylines of India's cities. The urban middle classes with money to burn are redefining nouvelle cuisine. The costs are huge but few are counting the calories fewer still checking the nutrition chart.

Eating habits, cooking habits, cuisines have changed, are changing, across the country, across social strata, across the rural-urban divide. And for anybody’s money, it isn’t a change to inspire confidence in the future of public health.

The price-nutrition dynamic plays out differentially in the developed and developing worlds. In the former, as a number of studies have noted, fast food constitutes a much greater proportion of the diet of the poor.

Earlier, most people ate what was locally available: fish, for example, was a staple in coastal areas, and people living in, or close to, fertile agricultural tracts preferred grains. Classical cuisines are often a good indicator of local food preferences, even if we account for the caveat that these were very often on the plates of the well-to-do. Food was sourced locally.

Bombay HC stays Centre s notification on iodised salt

Fry a little leaf or a chopped bulb of a onion, four-five chillies and half a bay leaf. Add about 100 gm of rice, a few leaves or corms of Colacasia, a slice of fresh bamboo shoot, slivers of Benincasa hipida and Langenaria cineria fruits and handful of pea seeds; sprinkle a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and a teaspoon of salt.