Although many ecological properties of species respond to climate change, their evolutionary responses are poorly understood. Here, we use data from long-term demographic studies to predict evolutionary responses of three herbaceous perennial orchid species, Cypripedium parviflorum, C. candidum and Ophrys sphegodes, to predicted climate changes in the habitats they occupy. We focus on the evolution of sprouting probability, because all three species exhibit long-term vegetative dormancy, i.e. individual plants may not emerge above-ground, potentially for several consecutive years.

A lone and unique population of about 30 reddish to dark violet-maroon orchids grows on the small patch of land between the borders of two Colombian departments.

Plan to pull £25m from conservation schemes could affect corncrakes, rare orchids, peatbogs and flower meadows

A research team led by Nepali Scientist Bhakta Bahadur Raskoti has recently discovered a new species of orchid at Langtang National Park.

Conservation of biodiversity in managed landscapes is of critical importance due to the rapid degradation and loss of primary habitat in the tropics. Soppinabetta forests are farmer-managed, fragmented evergreen forests of the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot in India. We hypothesized that these forests have immense importance in conservation of epiphytic orchid flora, although management intensity may differentially affect the diversity. Orchid diversity of
the Soppinabetta forests of two degrees of management (sustained Soppinabetta, N = 11; degraded Soppinabetta,

Thiruvananthapuram: India has to produce its own hybrid varieties of orchid if it is to make a mark in the international market for ornamental flowers, according to Martin Motes, noted orchid breeder, grower and author.

Addressing orchid farmers in the district at a function here on Tuesday, Dr. Motes said they stood to gain little by growing a few varieties from Thailand and Singapore.

Karnataka one of the Southern states of India has 3.83 million ha or recorded forest area which is around 20 percent of its geographical area. Karnataka is endowed with most significant forests in the country ranging from majestic evergreen forests of the Western Ghats to the scrub jungles of the plains.

Sheer determination and the courage exuded by unemployed local youths has transformed a hillock still frequented by wild animals into a mesmerizing and high-tech orchid garden which has thousands of orchids with high commercial value blooming now.

The first public lecture of the 5th International Canopy Conference, 2009 dwelt on the canopy forest and life on tree tops, here on Tuesday.

Of the diverse flora and fauna in an ecosystem, epiphytes in general and orchids in particular have a vital role to play in mutualism. By virtue of their sensitivity to the changes in the climate they provide a forewarning about the impending damages due to these changes and act as bioindicators. Epiphytes constitute ten per cent of the higher plants in tropical forest ecosystem.