Potato farmers in West Bengal can look forward to some respite from market volatility next year.

Ground water is free. Industries draw liberally from it, to the detriment of human and ecological life around them.

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday made it clear that without technical study report it may not be correct to limit the extraction of groundwater by soft-drink major Pepsi.

New Delhi In a setback to PepsiCo India Holdings, the Supreme Court on Monday upheld the Maharashtra government’s decision to impose higher charges for water used for manufacturing of soft drinks b

Consumers in the developed world are becoming increasingly apathetic about global warming, while Latin Americans – who have suffered much from unusual weather patterns – are becoming more concerned

Forcing companies to publish their carbon emissions – a pre-election promise by both coalition partners – could cost British business up to £6bn over the next decade, the government has claimed in

Pepsico Foundation has provided a $700,000 grant to the American Pakistan Foundation (APF) to develop and execute a year-long flood recovery and rehabilitation programme for the most devastated regions of Pakistan.

PepsiCo Inc will soon sell its 7UP soft drink in Canada in bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic, a move that paves the way for a wider roll-out to other drinks and other regions.

PepsiCo Beverages Canada said on Wednesday it will introduce the 7UP EcoGreen bottle in early August.

Exploitation of groundwater by Pepsi
Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Monday directed the State government to constitute an expert team to conduct an in-depth study on the exploitation of groundwater by Pepsi's plant at Pudussery in Palakkad district.

Justice P.R.

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