A leaked mail from the In ternational Food and Beverages Alliance (IFBA) has revealed the hectic lobbying by this alliance of the world's largest food and beverage companies to influence the framin

The EPA’s Clean Power Plant might be the only hope the US has to make a real dent in the climate change battle. So why aren’t more companies onboard?

A new system to monitor drinking water supplies from source to household tap is to be set up to guarantee safety amid growing public concern over deteriorating quality.

An investigation by The BMJ has uncovered evidence of the extraordinary extent to which key public health experts are involved with the sugar industry and related companies responsible for many of the products blamed for the obesity crisis through research grants, consultancy fees, and other forms of funding.

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Doritos parent company PepsiCo has fired back at an environmental campaign which attacked the snack brand's 'destruction of rainforests' and 'unsustainable use of palm oil'.

Coca-Cola, Google and Nike are among a coalition of some of the world's biggest companies that are sponsoring a global digital platform which aims to drive behaviour change among millennials by mak

A coalition of otherwise rival global corporations on Tuesday will announce they have jointly created a digital platform for young people to take action against climate change.

Ingersoll-Rand, the Dublin-based manufacturing group, plans to phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which can have a much more powerful global warming effect than carbon dioxide, by 2030.

Opponents of mandatory labeling for foods made with genetically modified organisms spent more than $27 million in the first six months of this year on GMO-related lobbying, roughly three times thei

India has urged PepsiCo, the US-based drink and snack-food company, to reduce the sugar content in its carbonated beverages, making it the latest country to formally express concern about the impac