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Enforcement of food safety during Onam to go toothless

The absence of prescribed limits on the use of chemical pesticides for various crops could hinder the government move to step up enforcement of food safety during the Onam festival season, experts

LONDON – Minnesota’s governor on Friday ordered the broadest restrictions yet in a U.S.

Parliament’s Standing Committee on Agriculture may have expressed concern at the unscientific and excessive use of pesticides in agriculture that pose a threat both to the environment and human hea

Species that fed regularly on oil seed rape such as the buff tailed bumblebee showed more serious declines

New research could lead to the fine-tuning of pesticide formulations to further increase crop yield.

The world’s most widely used insecticide is an inadvertent contraceptive for bees, cutting live sperm in males by almost 40%, according to research.


New regulations have been passed to prevent the import of pesticides that could harm consumers and the environment.

Thiruvananthapuram: The government will examine the need to conduct a comprehensive study in the Endosulfan-affected areas in the state, especially Kasaragod district, covering aspects including th