Norway is set to ‘completely ban’ the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars in the next 10 years.

Major car makers like Hyundai and Honda are re-working their strategy to meet the demand for more petrol vehicles.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Vardhaman Kaushik Vs. Union of India & Others dated 31/05/2016 regarding rising air pollution in cities of India. NGT directs the States to provide information on two or more most polluted cities in the States and also vehicular population.

The growing fleet of tankers stuck off Nigeria unable to unload their cargoes of diesel and petrol is an even-present reminder for President Muhammadu Buhari that another fuel crisis is looming on

The fuel economy of gasoline vehicles will increase to meet 2025 corporate average fuel economy standards(CAFE). However, dedicated compressed natural gas(CNG) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) already exceed future CAFE fuel economy targets because only 15% of non-petroleum energy use is accounted for when determining compliance. This study aims to inform stakeholders about the potential impact of CAFE on life cycle greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, should non-petroleum fuel vehicles displace increasingly fuel efficient petroleum vehicles.

Standing Committee on Petroleum & Natural Gas present this Eleventh Report on Action Taken by the Government on the recommendations contained in the Seventh Report (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) of the Committee on the subject 'Ethanol Blended Petrol and Bio-Diesel Policy' of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas‟.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley’s third Union Budget on Monday left the middle class and salaried people high and dry, hit by slow economic growth and the rising cost of living.

New Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has revealed that 27% of the car and SUV models displayed at the recently-concluded auto expo were of 2,000cc diesel engines.

We perform a consequential life cycle analysis of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and conventional gasoline vehicles in the PJM interconnection using a detailed, normative optimization model of the PJM electricity grid that captures the change in power plant operations and related emissions due to vehicle charging. We estimate and monetize the resulting human health and environmental damages from life cycle air emissions for each vehicle technology.

New Delhi: The SUV may be a bad word in the pollution-hit, and now occasionally odd-even, capital, but guzzlers were the flavour of the season at the country's biggest auto extravaganza that kicked