Studies in humans and animals suggest that both short-term and long-term exposure to elevated traffic levels can adversely affect pulmonary and cardiovascular function. Although several studies have examined associations between blood pressure and air pollution, few have examined pulse pressure or measures of systemic inflammation. Rioux et al.

A small group of ecologists is looking beyond the pristine to study the scrubby, feral and untended. Emma Marris learns to appreciate 'novel ecosystems'.

Industrial symbiosis (IS) has been used to describe the physical exchange and shared management of input and output materials by geographically proximate firms. Firms that engage in IS are said to belong to an industrial ecosystem.

The us navy has decided to stop its military training on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. "The military exercises on Vieques will come to an end within two years and a panel will be asked to

A delegation of New Yorkers headed by George Pataki, the city's governor, recently visited the Puerto Rican island of Vieques to witness the harmful effects of the us navy's combat training

The residents of Vieques, a Puerto Rican island, have achieved a landmark victory in a long-standing dispute about the us navy's activities on their island. The us navy uses Vieques to

The us navy tests in Vieques, an island of Puerto Rico, have caused an increase of cancer cases on the island by 52 per cent. Medical reports show that cancer cases among the 9,300 Viequenses

A dead male goosebeak whale has been found on the shores of Vieques island. The Caribbean Stranding Network is studying whether there is any correlation between the death of the goosebeak whale and

A Puerto Rican hotel has been directed to pay a large sum of money as penalty for discharging sewage into the Caribbean Sea. Arnold Benus, the president of Copamarina Beach Resort in Guanica, was