Letter from MOEF to Nirma Ltd on cement plant and captive power plant near village Padhiarka, Taluka Mahuva, District Bhavnagar, Gujarat dated 27 Feb, 2008 regarding Terms of Reference.

more than 80 per cent of the groundwater in Aligarh is susceptible to contamination. A new study shows more than 56 per cent of the city's groundwater resources are at a high risk of pollution

Aerial extent and distribution pattern of seagrass meadows in the Mandapam group of islands viz. Pamban area of Rameshwaram, Krusadai, Pullivasal and Pumarichan Island of the Gulf of Mannar

In the study, an attempt has been made to delineate the groundwater potential zones in the Rajampet taluk, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh.The present study has been for targeting groundwater in hard rock terrain by adopting Geophysical and Remote sensing techniques.
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The submergence study of the proposed Kanhar Jalayasa Pariyojna by Jharkhand Space Applications Center (JSAC) is basically a technology demonstration project to assess the area of submergence at different level of proposed impoundment.

Land degradation is a global environment and development issue. Up-to-date, quantitative information is needed to support policy and action for food and water security, economic development, environmental integrity and resource conservation. To meet this need, the Global Assessment of Land Degradation and Improvement (GLADA) uses remote sensing to identify degrading areas and areas where degradation has been arrested or reversed. Within the parent LADA program, this screening will be followed up by field investigations to establish the situation on the ground.

This first true-colour highly-detailed map of Antarctica offers a nearly cloudless and most geographically accurate view of the continent's frozen landscape. Built from satellite images taken between

This working paper was prepared in light of the upcoming Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC in December 2007 to inform about the status and ongoing efforts in the field of forest monitoring, assessment and reporting at national and international levels. Part I is a review of partnerships between FAO and countries for building capacity and supporting implementation of forest monitoring, assessment

This report contains the proceedings of the national workshop on forest fires, held at New Delhi on November 13 & 14, 2007.

In the study, geospatial tools were employed for quantifying changes in the spatial extent of fragile ecosystems of some of the world's most famous lakes and wetlands located in the suburbs of Srinagar.