The potential impact of global temperature change on global crop yield has recently been assessed with different methods. Here we show that grid-based and point-based simulations and statistical regressions (from historic records), without deliberate adaptation or CO2 fertilization effects, produce similar estimates of temperature impact on wheat yields at global and national scales. With a 1 °C global temperature increase, global wheat yield is projected to decline between 4.1% and 6.4%.

Authorities in the Arctic city of Norilsk have begun an investigation into a possible pipeline break after a river running through the city turned red.

As a multiyear drought grinds on in the Southwestern United States, many wonder about the impact of global climate change on more frequent and longer dry spells.

Consumers want manufacturers to release fewer mobile phone models and do more to help them recycle, according to a new study by Greenpeace.

The third and fourth units - of 1,000 megawatt each - will be commissioned by 2022-23, with total investment of Rs 40,000 crore

Authorities are now blaming climate change for the recent outbreak of Anthrax in the Far North of Russia, sickening 72 nomadic herders and killing over 2,300 reindeers.

Vladimir Angelov, Director of projects for ASE group of companies in India, part of Rosatom of Russia spoke on the safety aspects and progress of setting up Russian nuclear plants in an exclusive i

New HIV infections in Russia are fuelling the global AIDS epidemic as the country struggles to come up with effective prevention strategies, Unaids has said.

Efforts to end the global AIDS pandemic by 2030 are lagging, the UN warned Tuesday, decrying rising numbers of new HIV infections among adults in many regions, with Russia especially hard-hit.

ULAANBAATAR – Russia’s concern about water rights is holding up a $1 billion loan package Mongolia is seeking from China to build a hydroelectric dam that would help the landlocked central Asian na