MoEF has accepted these recommendations of the Expert Committee on the controversial cement plant of Nirma Industries in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Says that the plant is situated in an environmentally sensitive wetland area and the construction must stop.

Saline tolerant high-yielding BINA Dhan

Oysters play important roles in estuarine ecosystems but have suffered recently due to overfishing, pollution, and habitat loss. A tradeoff between growth rate and disease prevalence as a function of salinity makes the estuarine salinity transition of special concern for oyster survival and restoration.

Representatives of development partner countries and organisations on Wednesday said Bangladesh was the worst affected by climate change and it needed a strong leadership in facing climate change and its mitigation.

Climate changes are evident in Bangladesh and there is no controversy that such changes have taken place, they said referring to cyclones such as Sidr and Aila, recurring floods and

On Thursday, the water treatment plant in Aluva near here suspended its operations for more than five hours during the early hours of the day after finding a considerable rise in salinity levels that had reached the magnitude of 1,700 p.p.m (particles per million).

A delay in constructing a temporary bund in Purappillykkavu near Paravoor to prevent the intrusion of salinity in the Periyar is po

Twenty years ago, divers in Dubai could swim through coral gardens teeming with brightly-colored fish and sea turtles. Today, says marine biologist Tom Goreau, dead reefs stand like gravestones for an underwater ghost town.

The government wants to raise a united voice on climate change vulnerability, as it is a matter of concern for all, said State Minister for Environment and Forest Hasan Mahmud yesterday.

A formal assessment of power plant effluents dispersion and sediment transport
processes taking place with respect to the prevailing environmental conditions
such as, flow regime, wave climate, wind effects etc.

In the Sundarbans mangrove forest in the Gangetic delta (10,284 km2: 58.5% in Bangladesh, 41.5% in India) human-tiger conflicts are more frequent than in any other tiger area of the world. Only a limited number of tiger victim cases reach the public. The term victim is used here for people injured or killed by a tiger attack within the forest area.

Two high salinity-tolerant paddy developed by Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) are waiting release for cultivation at farmers level in next Boro season.

Trials of the two salinity-tolerant rice under Seed Certification Agency (SCA) have been completed and now the verities will be placed before the technical committee meeting soon, Director of Seed Certification Agency (SCA) Md