Salinity stress limits crop yield affecting plant growth and restricting the use of land. As world population is increasing at alarming rate, agricultural land is shrinking due to industrialization and/or habitat use. Hence, there is a need to utilize salt affected land to meet the food requirement. Although some success has been achieved through conventional breeding but its use is limited due to reproductive barrier and scarcity of genetic variations among major crops.

Experts, selected by the Bangladesh and Indian governments, will sit for the first time on August 27-28 to jointly study the possible impacts of the construction of the controversial Tipaimukh Dam

Sea levels from Cape Hatteras to Cape Cod are rising at a faster pace than anywhere on Earth, making coastal cities and wetlands in this densely-populated U.S.

Rainwater can be a potential alternative source for tackling acute water crisis faced by rural and urban people, said experts yesterday.

MUMBAI: Waking up to the indiscriminate use of groundwater , the BMC has appointed Pune-based organization Groundwater Survey and Development Authority (GSDA )to study the effects of the excessive

The director-general of the Environmental Protection Agency Rafiuddin Ahmed has said that initial inquiry report into contamination of a part of Keenjhar Lake establishes presence of the pollutant

New research suggests that global warming is causing the cycle of evaporation and rainfall over the oceans to intensify more than scientists had expected, an ominous finding that may indicate a hig

A new genre of electric power-generating stations could supply electricity for more than a half billion people by tapping just one-tenth of the global potential of a little-known energy source that

The Sunderbans, spreading across Bangladesh and West Bengal, is fast emerging as the climate change flashpoint of the globe.

India's Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia yesterday said a variety of environmental, economic and technical issues need to be settled before implementation of the ambitious