Sub-surface pipes and bio-drainage are helping revive water-logged and saline land

Sub-surface pipes and bio-drainage are helping revive lakhs of acres of water-logged and saline land.

Bangladesh urgently needs support in developing a climate-resilient agriculture if its people are to survive and prosper in the long term, according to some experts.

Climate change is affecting the country in many ways. For instance, rising sea levels are causing some agricultural land in coastal areas to become more saline, reducing both the quality and quantity of the produce available.

Farmers of Morombi-O-Grande are among the very few farmers cultivating fields in Merces village.

However, these farmers, too, would be forced to abandon cultivating if immediate measures are not taken to prevent saline water from entering their farms, and restoring the affected fields to the past fertile level.



KOLKATA - Rising sea levels are causing salt water to flow into India's biggest river, threatening its ecosystem and turning vast farmlands barren in the country's east, a climate change expert warned Monday.

Chittagong Correspondent

High salinity in the down stream water of the River Karnaphuli, its major boughs and canals has reportedly been posing serious threat to usual output of the winter crop (Boro) at vast areas here in southern Chittagong apart from hindering safe drinking water supply in the port city.

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Mauvin says it

Hyderabad Dec 8: Several areas in the rich coastal Godavari districts are facing a threat of losing drinking water supply because of oil exploration in the Krishna-Godavari basin.

Saurashtra was flooded since rainwater could not drain THE state highway between Viramgam and Surendranagar towns in Gujarat presents a stark contrast. On one side is a carpet of green fields for miles, and on the other, decaying jowar and cotton crops, at places submerged in water. The 60 km highway itself remained under water for three days in mid-September. The contrast makes