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The neutrino dispute has broken out again, with a new study claiming evidence that the ethereal particle has mass

The Hindi proverb that derides the enfeebled mind as one with "worms in the brain", is no longer a literary expression. A study involving 159 worm-infected Jamaican children between 9 and 12,

Only one per cent of the world's bacteria -- those that can be cultured in the lab -- are known, but molecular techniques pioneered by the Agricultural and Food Research Council (AFRC) in Britain

Sunlight can be used to treat cancer using a method developed by University of Tokyo researchers. Their method focusses sunlight on the cancer-affected areas using optical fibres. The

Medical researchers at the University of Arkansas have found a way to reduce dramatically the time needed to diagnose tuberculosis. The new method, which involves analysing genetic material

UNCED has thrown into sharp focus all matters environmental international industry, quick to Catch on to now trends, has started branding its technologies environment friendly and in some cases, started looking for less wasteful ways

USA is pushing big dollars to unravel the mystery of the earth's climate

Given the rich California's zero emission target of 1998, manufacturers have started producing eco friendly cars

Manufacturers across the world are busy developing environment friendly products and minimising pollution in production process. A select list

India hopes to earn Rs 200 crore every year exporting flowers mass produced in laboratories