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When cultivated in gravity free space, crystals have more perfect protien structures that help help in designing better drugs

THE INCREASE in phosphate wastes released into rivers over the last 20 years may in turn have increased the frequency of "red tides" (coloured springtime algal efflorescences) which poison and kill

BACTERIA large enough to be visible to the human eye have been discovered within the gut of a surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) caught off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (Science, Vol. 256,

THE "arms race" between plants that produce defence mechanisms to ward of foragers such as deer and animals who attempt to evolve mechanisms to counter these defences, have long intrigued

MEDICAL practitioners in the West are resorting to traditional oriental medical systems in seeking to cure diseases that do not respond to conventional treatment. British dermatologists say they

AN ADVANCED, ultraviolet (UV) light-water disinfection system has been installed at a water pumping station in UK. The system, developed by Hanovia Ltd, differs from earlier systems in that it can

Digital audio technology will enable listeners to make their own compact disc like recordings.

COIR IS excellent for making the nettings or grids used on denuded hill-sides to fix soil and promote growth of vegetation, which, in turn, prevents landslides and improves the ecological balance in

The year long cholera epidemic in Peru refocussed scientific attention worldwide on the causes of the disease and the various strains of cholera bacteria.

PROLONGED use of chlorinated drinking water can cause cancer, says a study by scientists at the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). When chlorine gas reacts with naturally occurring organic