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Polio vaccination coverage in the Sindh region of Pakistan was evaluated to above 90 per cent, said World Health Organisation sources. A preliminary statistical assessment of 30 clusters of houses

TO control the spread of AIDS in India, the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) has agreed to undertake AIDS vaccine trials in the country. At present, an estimated four million persons in the

A vaccine based on viral DNA is tested on humans for the first time

The division bench of the Mumbai high court consisting of Ochief Justice M B Shah and justice Jahangirdar directed the Union department of family welfare to place an order of 4.3 crore doses of oral

In a monumental decision, the American government approves the world s first large scale testing of an AIDS vaccine

is what awaits over 80 million tuberculosis patients worldwide

left in the lurch: Enron Corp has withdrawn its plan to set up a US $ 6 billion hydroelectric-power project in Nepal. With this, the company's grand plan has been stalled for South Asia. Enron's

Oral vaccines could soon be available for rotavirus infection a major cause of diarrhoea

Painful influenza shots may soon become a thing of the past