The Australian wool industry recently said that it had dropped court action against an animal rights group after it agreed to end its campaign to boycott retailers selling Australian wool. The

it is feared that several Victorian

Wildlife officials recently disclosed they had confiscated a 100 kg consignment of the wool of the endangered Tibetan antelope in June. The contraband, which was seized in New Delhi, had been

Sustainable harvesting of chiru may help save the Tibetan antelope

Bad cropping practices and ill planned water management leads to salted Australian farmland

The question is not just of farming chiru. It is about the policy that a country should have towards wildlife conservation, forest dwelling people and the elite

The brunt of environmental protection cannot just be borne by the poor

Political priorities in insurgency-prone Kashmir may well override the apparent vigour of the wildlife officialdom to protect the shahtoosh (Hymalayan goat-antelope). Senior bureaucrats of the union

SHEEP treated with a protein found in the salivary glands of male mice can shed their fleece on their own. Scientists use the protein produced artificially through genetic manipulation in a