Nigeria, with the world’s third highest TB burden, sanctioned US$1.42 million to procure quality assured Second Line Drugs (SLDs) that will be used to provide treatment for 500 multi-drug resistant

Knowing where in the world individual crops are cultivated, their production patterns, and whether they are irrigated or rain fed are essential components for ensuring adequate, sustainable food pr

It is noise pollution everywhere in Nigeria. Some persons think that it is normal to make noise or that they are immune to noise.

Weed Technology—As acreage under maize keeps on increasing in recent years, maize-attacking insects have become a widespread problem, including populations of the rootworm that have developed resis

A Committee of Inquiry established by South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs will begin hearing expert testimony on the subject of legalising the rhino horn trade as the Southern Africa

A global phase 3 clinical trial named STAND (Shortening Treatment by Advancing Novel Drugs) in patients who are currently considered to have either drug-sensitive or multidrug-resistant TB has been

Africa, the continent with warming deviating most rapidly from "normal" conditions, could see climate change adaptation costs rise to US$50 billion per year by 2050, even assuming international eff

A cholera outbreak is further jeopardizing the health of 230,000 people recently displaced by floods in Malawi.

Endangered great ape species are having their rainforest habitat destroyed and threatened by the expansion of agribusiness projects in central Africa.

ARC Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd) will pay US $25 million in drought insurance claims to three countries in the Sahel this month.