Rhinos, tigers and elephants could be saved from poachers by their own heart beats, a global-tracking device and a video camera.

A virus that caused a spate of vomiting and diarrhea in Asia last winter appears to be spreading globally, threatening larger outbreaks of gastro infections that are a bane of luxury cruises.

Zimbabwe has exported 20 elephants to private game parks in China as part of conservation efforts and amid rising poaching in southern Africa.

China must make deeper cuts in coal consumption to meet its pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to a government adviser.

The European Commission plans to propose earmarking a quota of permits in its carbon market after 2020 for companies entering the system and for potential production increases, according to a draft

Germany’s main political parties worked out a compromise plan to cut power-industry pollution by handing a six-year lifeline to some of the dirtiest coal-fired plants.


Famed Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower have been increasingly obscured in recent years by an oppressive smog.

A rice glut that sent prices slumping more than a year ago is shrinking, just as El Nino arrives to parch paddies across Asia.

Tropical Storm Bill formed in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving Texas bracing for another round of flooding in less than a month.