China, the world’s biggest emitter of carbon pollution, continues to hold the top position as the best developing country in which to invest in clean energy in a study by Climatescope, a research p

Even moderate levels of air pollution have now been linked to increased risk of heart attacks in people with heart disease.

Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google parent Alphabet Inc.

The influence of El Nino will probably push temperatures in Europe above seasonal norms this month, increasing the bearish outlook for natural gas prices already near their lowest since 2009.

South Africa’s biggest water utility started restrictions in the largest city and capital because of increased demand spurred by persistent high temperatures.

With smoke choking Indonesia’s air, President Joko Widodo met Barack Obama at the White House in a visit curtailed by forest fires that have focused attention on climate change.

Singapore’s air quality worsened, reaching the higher end of the "unhealthy" range as wind carried smoke haze from forest fires in neighboring Indonesia.

In a world in which one in every three people is malnourished and 1.9 billion adults are overweight or obese, nations should at least double the share of their budgets allocated to nutrition, accor

Smog caused by slash-and-burn agriculture in Indonesia is continuing to foul air quality as far away as Singapore, with readings in some parts of Sumatra island deemed “very unhealthy.”

Talks to reach a global agreement on climate change in Paris in December could fail partly due to a lack of progress on aid to help poorer countries deal with the consequences of warming, said Fren