No one paid much attention to the gnarled, yellow-blossomed rosewood trees dotted around farmsteads in northern Ivory Coast until Chinese-backed buyers started offering money for the timber.

Climate change hasn’t driven humans to kill each other yet, but we’re getting closer.

Ecuador last week paid Chevron Corp. $112 million in an arbitration case dating back to the 1970s.

Weeks of torrential rain across central and southern China have caused the country’s worst flooding since 1998, killing 173 people, ruining farms and cutting major transportation arteries -- and cr

The fossil fuel industry risks losing $33 trillion in revenue over the next 25 years as global warming may drive companies to leave oil, natural gas and coal in the ground, according to a Barclays

The dirtiest cars and trucks driving through London face tougher penalties starting next year after Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled plans to crack down on air pollution.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s agricultural output may rise 2.6 percent annually through 2025, boosted by productivity improvements.

The U.K.

Its monuments, avenues and restaurants might, of course, but Mayor Anne Hidalgo is pledging its pollution won’t.

Volkswagen AG will have an extra week to finalize a settlement with the U.S.