President-elect bombarded Alex Salmond with letters in an attempt to block offshore wind project near Trump's golf resort

New report from environmental think tank Green Alliance calls for urgent rethink of flooding strategy with more focus on natural flood management strategies

Japanese automaker announces plans to introduce over 100 fuel cell buses in the Tokyo area by 2020 as part of vision to create a 'hydrogen-based society'

Researchers develop new method to produce electricity from wood pulp fibres using only footsteps

Research into how Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites (HOIPs) turn sunlight into energy could open door to far higher efficiency solar panels

Government to tackle ‘throwaway culture’ by cutting VAT on fixing everything from bicycles to washing machines

Latest official approval for Paris deal means countries accounting for over 40 per cent of global emissions have backed agreement

Fast-track ratification, which could see the EU approve the climate deal within a month, will need the backing of all 28 national environment ministers

Industry-led Global Agri-Business Alliance aims to tackle food security, supply chain issues and sustainable agriculture

State of Nature reveals the destructive impact of intensive farming, urbanisation and climate change on plants, animals and habitats