Consortium led by ‘clean cold’ specialist Dearman wins funding to further develop zero emission refrigeration engine

Fifty-one new buses will operate on two all-electric routes in central London by end of 2016

Mosques across Morocco will be fitted with solar energy systems in government scheme to boost clean energy awareness

Research to look at reducing nitrogen fertilisers at farms in the warmest regions, to combat air pollution and CO2 emissions

Rubbish from this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival in London is expected to generate 97,200 kWh of electricity

Drinks giant is the only Fortune 500 company to return as much water to nature and local communities as it uses for its products

Although efficient ships save shipowners money on fuel, they do not attract green premiums or preferential contracts, research suggests

Gleaming pipe sculpture could use solar power to desalinate up to 4.5 billion litres of drinking water every year

As firm submits its response to government legal arguments, lawyers warn official air pollution projections could be out of date

Report by US campaign group NextGen Climate finds millennials could suffer $8.8tn in lost earnings unless action taken on climate change