Vietnam says an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease has killed 156 people, mostly children, and sickened more than 96,000 through late November.

A gas explosion at a mine in central China has killed nine workers.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon at a mine in Hunan province's Sandu township.

The realty sector may be going through a slowdown, but this has not stopped housing developers from launching new projects.

Here’s a quick update on efforts to expand access to higher-yielding hybrid seed in Nepal.

A Hong Kong school was closed on Friday after a dead bird found in the southern Chinese city was tested positive for the deadly H5 strain of the bird flu virus, health officials said.

Officials say the death toll from storm-triggered flash floods in the southern Philippines has risen to more than 120, with more than 100 people missing.

The World Health Organization on Friday warned that Europe faces an explosion of measles cases next year unless it takes urgent steps to contain the viral respiratory disease.

The Cabinet, late on Friday, declared the western area of Lokanthali, the Manahara bridge area and slums adjoining the bridge 'bird-flu emergency areas.'

Zara, an Afghan mother of seven, doesn't know what to tell her children when they ask about dinner.

US President Barack Obama on Thursday added $50 million to fight AIDS in the United States and launched efforts to treat two million more people abroad.