This report assesses all the positive potential benefits digitalization brings to sustainable development for all.

This Global Energy Assessment examines the major global challenges and their linkages to energy, the technologies and resources available for providing energy services and provides recommendations for a sustainable energy future.

This new global energy study outlines a range of 41 alternative sustainable energy pathways that offer viable, cost effective choices for policy makers to achieve necessary human health and environmental sustainability goals by 2050.

This publication presents an economic evaluation of the World Health Organization

The objectives of this study are : to present a comprehensive review of the status of biofuels developments around the world and the policy regimes and support measures driving this evolution; to assess the agro-ecological potential of all major biofuels crops

This briefing highlights the key issues facing the Indian forestry system. It identifies major priorities and actions to help the Indian forestry system develop sustainably and meet future national needs.

The methodology and results reported in this study form a first comprehensive and integrated global ecological