Company will be engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and retailing of waste to bio-diesel, a non-petroleum based fuel

U.S. aerospace giant Boeing says it is working with South African Airways and a Dutch biofuel company to make jet fuel from tobacco seeds.


The city corporation has taken steps to popularise biogas plants within its limit.

The move was taken in the wake of lukewarm response received from the public.

VARANASI: Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi use the expertise of Sulabh International, a pioneer organization working in the field of biogas generation from human excreta, to save Ganga from sewage

Nagpur is set to be the first city in the country where 100% ethanol-fuelled bus would ply on a pilot basis.

Fuel can be used for cooking, in vehicles

This Auto fuel vision and policy, 2025 submitted by Dr Saumitra Chaudhury Committee presents the road map for auto fuel quality till 2025 for the country,taking into account the achievement under the last Auto Fuel Policy, emission reduction of in use vehicles, growth of vehicles and the supply and availability of fuels. Read full text.

In a world first, British Airways is planning to use garbage to power its flights in an ambitious project which aims to convert municipal waste into 50,000 metric tonnes of jet fuel per year.

The EEA has collected EU Member States' data on passenger car registrations, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 443/2009. All Member States reported information on Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the mass of cars, together with other vehicle characteristics.