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In October 2010, nine ministries and commissions of China jointly issued Guidance on the Strengthening of Dioxin Pollution Prevention [Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China (MEP) 2010], which requires key dioxin-emitting industries to carry out comprehensive actions to reduce dioxin emissions.

Some legitimate questions have been raised over the green credentials of wind turbines. Politics must not block research where it is needed. (Editorial)

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By Samarth Pathak Move over pollution in the forms of air, water and land. The latest menace reported to be affecting the environment is light pollution. Besides causing numerous health problems, it is also a major hindrance in the activities of night sky gazers. Delhi is now waking up to the harsh reality that visibility of celestial bodies in the city is reducing at an alarming rate due to luminous obstructions. Light pollution, which is a by-product of rapid industrialisation, poses a serious threat to urban people.

The years 1965 and 1966 will be remembered in Indian history as two successive years in which the failure of the south-west monsoon had a disastrous effect on Indian economy. This article is an attempt to find out the basic causes of this large-scale deficiency in the monsoon rainfall.

The S.W. monsoon or summer monsoon is a major event in the agricultural life of India, which has been widely studied. The chief characteristic of the pressure distribution over India during the monsoon is the trough of low which extends from the the S.E. Punjab to the head of the Bay and the concomitant high pressure belt in the Indian Ocean.