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Controlling methane emissions through acid rain? adding sulphate to soil in paddy fields is a popular method of controlling methane emission, to the tune of up to 70 per cent. In highly polluted countries such as India and China, acid rain also deposits a substantial amount of sulphate. This leads to more than required sulphate, which can be harmful for paddy. In such cases it becomes

The Indian Air Force has decided to study ways and means to reduce emission of harmful gases from its aircraft so as to prevent depletion of the ozone layer.

Bulk percipitation displays the combined effects of all water soluble components of precipitation. Dust from the earth's surface is commonly assumed to be alkaline; it is commonly reported in the literature as a constituent of the atmosphere and of precipitation.

Current day concentrations of ground level ozone (O3) are commonly reducing crop yields by between 5 and 35 % at agriculturally important locations across South Asia. O3 induced economic crop losses could be in the region of $4 billion per annum for staple crops in South Asia; such losses are likely to impact more on poor and vulnerable people.

health sciences Hooked, genetically Researchers of the University of Michigan, usa, have cracked the genetic secrets of nicotine addiction. Whether or not one gets hooked to smoking is dependent on a particular variant of a gene

Udhagamandalam: Under the aegis of the Public Awareness Association of Udhagamandalam, Ozone Protection Day was observed at the Municipal Elementary School here on Tuesday.

During the period 1986

GENEVA - The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has already surpassed its 2007 size this year, and is set to keep growing for another few weeks, the UN weather agency said on Tuesday.

The Antarctic ozone hole appears every year and normally stretches to about the size of North America, reaching its maximum size in late September or early October.
But in 2008, the World Meteorological Organisation said the protective layer, which shields the Earth from ultra-violet rays that can cause skin cancer, began to thin relatively late.

Sudha Nambudiri |KOCHI: There is a reason to cheer on the International Ozone Day. The scientists have recorded a perceptible reduction in the ozone depletion levels in the atmosphere.

It is generally believed that the preventive measures taken by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by cutting down the CFCs emission have had its effect on the atmosphere.

Pune, September 16 The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Pune Zilla Parishad Secondary School Section will hold a special programme to celebrate the International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer on Wednesday.
An educational tool for creating awareness about Ozone depletion and climate change among students will be launched on the occasion.