Former managers of a Turkish coal mine where 301 people died last year have appeared in court on murder charges.

Following the imposition of a ban on plying of diesel-run vehicles older than 10 years in the NCR by National Green Tribunal last week, Ghaziabad residents have urged the municipal commissioner to

The world’s fight against global warming would be dramatically easier if a cheap technology was available to turn carbon dioxide into something useful.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching a national Air Quality Index (AQI), India on Monday joined a global league of nations which includes US, France, China and Mexico that have implemented s

India does not have a mechanism to reduce peak pollution

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has welcomed the release of the much-awaited National Air Quality Index (AQI), which will be used to inform people about daily air quality and provide a

Trucks contribute more than 60 per cent of the pollutants spewed by diesel vehicles inside Delhi, and have created what is being labelled as “a third peak hour” in the night when an estimated 80,00

EMISSIONS from planes, trains and automobiles — as well as boats and trucks — are the biggest cause of air pollution in Shanghai, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection announced yesterday.

USA and Russia have joined the league of countries who have declared their commitments to a climate action plan to cut post-2020 greenhouse gas emissions.

Displacing the use of polluting and inefficient cookstoves in developing countries is necessary to achieve the potential health and environmental benefits sought through clean cooking solutions. Yet little quantitative context has been provided on how much displacement of traditional technologies is needed to achieve targets for household air pollutant concentrations or fuel savings. The objective of this paper provides instructive guidance on the usage of cooking technologies required to achieve health and environmental improvements.