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Several domestic policies have undergone surreptitious changes in recent times

BEIJING: China said on Thursday it will stick to the Paris climate deal as the world awaited an announcement by US President Donald Trump on whether to keep the United States in the global pact to

US President Donald Trump’s rethink on the Paris climate accord has sent shock waves across the world with environmentalists worrying about its long-term impact on the fight against climate chang

Bose Varghese offers practical ways for companies to fight climate change & be future-ready

The lead lawmaker in the European Parliament for reforms to the EU carbon market, Ian Duncan, has handed over responsibility of the process, he said on Thursday, after criticism he had delayed talk

India and China are showing strong leadership to combat climate change and the decision by the US to withdraw from the Paris Agreement will not deter these global efforts, the UN Environment chief

The majority of the world’s 800 million food-insecure people live in regions where water and food security are intimately linked. Tackling the underlying causes of food insecurity therefore means addressing a set of livelihood vulnerabilities, including access to water for domestic and productive uses.

This policy brief suggests that carbon pricing can accelerate the diffusion of lowcarbon technology in China, based on the results of empirical studies conducted by Kansai Research Centre of IGES focusing on China’s most energy intensive industries. Many low-carbon technologies are profitable but require some initial investment.

Climate change is damaging human health now and is projected to have a greater impact in the future. Low- and middle-income countries are seeing the worst effects as they are most vulnerable to climate shifts and least able to adapt given weak health systems and poor infrastructure.

Assessing the future impacts of climate change on the hydroelectricity sector in Nepal is a challenge because of the country’s complex climate and hydrology, as well as the large changes in elevation that occur from low plains up to the high mountains.