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Wiping out all of Africa’s elephants could accelerate Earth’s climate crisis by allowing 7% more damaging greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, scientists say.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Effect of Slow Monsoon and Deficient Rainfall, 16/07/2019.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Effect of Slow Monsoon and Deficient Rainfall, 16/07/2019.

Internal carbon pricing (ICP) can help financial institutions assess carbon risks and identify opportunities to shift capital from high-carbon to low-carbon investment and lending, decarbonise their portfolios, and increase their resilience in a low-carbon transition.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Impact of Delayed Monsoon, 11/07/2019. As reported by Ministry of Earth Sciences, Southwest monsoon onset over Kerala (June 8 2019) and its further progress across the country has been delayed by a week due to the formation and movement of the very severe cyclonic storm “Vayu” in the Arabian Sea.

According to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) 2019 Synthesis Report on the State of Food and Nutrition Security and Vulnerability in Southern Africa, 41.2 million people in 13 countries are estimated to be food insecure in the 2019/20 year.

A major new report assessing the climate performance of 274 of the world’s highest-emitting publicly-listed companies finds that almost half (46%) do not adequately consider climate risk in operational decision-making.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Impact of Global Warming on Farmers, 09/07/2019. Studies show that, in the changing climate scenario, central & northern India and Western Himalayas have become more prone to

Australia is on a path to being one of the worst contributors to the climate emergency if the pollution from its fossil fuel exports are factored in

Climate crisis disasters are happening at the rate of one a week, though most draw little international attention and work is urgently needed to prepare developing countries for the profound impact