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Aon plc published its 2024 Climate and Catastrophe Insight report, which identifies global natural disaster and climate trends to help make better decisions to manage volatility and enhance global resilience.

The frequency and severity of extreme wildfires are on the rise in the United States, causing unprecedented disruption and increasingly challenging the country’s capacity to contain losses and damages.

This technical report offers contextual information, tools, and recommendations to help plan, design, and implement nature-based solutions (NbS) for adaptation that advance gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) while enhancing resilience, biodiversity, and ecosystem integrity.

This study undertakes a pan-India sub-district level (tehsil-level) assessment of changing monsoon patterns during the southwest monsoon (June to September) and northeast monsoon (October to December).

This paper offers a perspective on the intersection between climate change and inequality. It highlights the effects of climate mitigation on workers, entrepreneurs and consumers, aiming to mobilize governments and businesses to maximize opportunities and minimize risks in the green transition.

There are multiple interdependent approaches to climate adaptation, including economic incentives, policy and regulation, locally-led intervention, and nature-based approaches.

This study investigates the major climate-related risks for households in the EU by quantifying the relationship between a set of selected climate-hazards metrics, households’ income by source, and sector-specific expenditures, capturing both the climate induced cost of impacts and adaptation measures.

This report written by the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, provides an in-depth economic analysis of how climate change will reshape health landscapes over the next two decades.

A compendium of field stories showcasing experiences from Asian and African countries, including India was launched. The compendium will help in capacity building and scaling up the best practices in the adoption of millets across the world.

The Global Water Monitor provides free, rapid and global information on climate and water resources. This summary report contains information on rainfall, air temperature, humidity, soil and groundwater conditions, vegetation access to water, river flows, flooding, and lake volumes in 2023.