Next week's climate meeting in Mexico should avoid talk of more ambitious targets, says Yvo de Boer. First, we need people to believe in green growth.

Urging the developed countries to fulfil the obligation of providing the developing nations with $30 billion, the BASIC group of countries, formed by Brazil, South Africa, India and China, today said this fast-start financing should be made available as soon as possible in a transparent manner.

The fund was promised for 2012 at last year

The United Nations climate change talks in Tianjin, China, witnessed some progress on the issue of financing of climate change mitigation and adaptation but there is a significant gap between the level of funding required and what has been committed so far.

Ananth Krishnan

BEIJING: Financial assistance from developed countries for projects to combat climate change in the developing world has emerged as a key sticking point at the climate meet in Tianjin, which is the last round of negotiations before the year-end Cancun conference.

Negotiators from India, China and other developing nations have called on the West to step up commitments with p

Climate finance or additional resources for developing countries to fight global warming was an integral element of the Copenhagen Accord drawn up at the climate summit in December 2009. But preparatory meetings for the next round of climate negotiations indicate that the sinners of climate change have already begun to backtrack.

Christiana Figueres from Costa Rica, who took over as head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) this July, said she expected rich countries to also indicate the

Sheila Mathrani Geneva: The informal climate change ministerial talks in Geneva hosted by the Swiss government to overcome the hurdle of tong-term financing of mitigation and adaption measures and its regulation on climate change evoked mixed responses from the players and NGOs.

The Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill has said that dealings in carbon credit will be taxable under the new regime. The income through such transactions will attract 30 per cent corporate tax.

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Policymakers and business leaders might find it useful to leaf through UNCTAD's just-released World Investment Report 2010: Investing in a Low-Carbon Economy.

This study of the economics of adaptation to climate change follows the sector approach, with separate estimates of adaptation measures for infrastructure, water, agriculture, industrial forestry, fisheries, coastal zones, human health, and ecosystems.