This collection of reports looks at how ICTs can be used to help communities in developing countries facing water stress adapt to climate change. The role and potential of ICTs in helping communities employ innovative approaches to prepare for, respond and adapt to climate change are increasingly being recognised.

he ICT sector, one of the biggest guzzlers of energy and commercial space in India, has a huge role to play in helping India meet the goals of climate change, says a new report.

Cities are wasting the potential of smart technologies by failing to realize the value of their hidden infrastructure and digital assets, according to a report published by The Climate Group, Accenture (NYSE: ACN), Arup and Horizon Digital Economy Research at The University of Nottingham.

Since the inception of MGNREGA in 2005, UNDP has supported the Government of India (GoI) to enable a transparent, accountable and efficient implementation of the Act through ICT innovations, monitoring and research, awareness generation and capacity development.

The World Migration Report 2011 presents available evidence on public perceptions and attitudes regarding migration globally. It analyses the way in which they are shaped and how they can influence and be influenced by policy as well as the media.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today released the first report the People of the Nation Innovation Council function here today with a call for innovation in solving the problems of the poor and the

The report shows that the potential of leveraging information and communication technologies (ICTs) to develop the private sector is far from fully exploited.

The effective use and application of ICT/ICM for AR4D and its transformation require strong support by policy makers, ICT experts, scientists and other stakeholder groups to implement proper ICM strategies in their respective institutions for better results for the investments.

The 2011 report continues the tradition of collection of socio-economic statistics from decadal population censuses, annual national sample surveys, adhoc-surveys and administration statistics. This report depicts the socio-economic development of the country through the statistical indicators.

Amid requests from various countries for launch of their satellites, India has decided to set up one more launch site to expand its capacity in this aspect.